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It all started (or so I thought) in one night last week when we went out for drinks and I was surprised how sexy my wife had dressed, just go to the pub. When the night began to speak, our imagination and what would be a huge dick in her pussy, only to hear they did in my 4 inch revolver in my pants. Just then one of his colleagues Carl entered the pub, telling us and went to the corner. He said he decided with some friends, but lost, so here to make a quick beer and head back home. Well, that was a good time, my wife said that Al was about to go for a drink do not you come to us. When I was at the bar, I could see they were engaged in conversation and occasionally, he looked at me and laugh. Carl sextv1 was a very confident to 6 feet 2 with a maturity that I had the opportunity to see if we were in the bathroom. It was a good 8. 9 inches, and that was soft and at least twice the thicknessme, so I guess I had every right to be safe. If we had to drink more, the discussion became a more and more suggestive size and penis, Carl asked how big it was (as if I know! ), Only half answered with a smile on his face, but how big is the average seen my wife went to Al? how does it compare ? Carl laughed at this moment, 'Ohh I see,' said Lynne, laugh, is much smaller, much less that there is a beautiful language. I sat there and said there was nothing, now that he had begun to realize that this chance encounter had been set up and went to have my wife. Although he was sextv1 angry, but I had the hardest erection I ever had. The celebration of the evening Carl came to our house for a drink (and more). I went to a couple of drinks to fix and when I sextv1 returned to my wife talk about penis size, 'so how big is the average ' indicates that Carl opened his pants and pulled his tail, which seemed even larger than did it in the toilet. 'Oh my God, and that is the average,' said Lynne, my ' I thought it was normal, but compared to this.. so its your ' little, I blurted out, ' small is not a favorite word is Damn Small '. ' Go show him Carl,' I was reluctant, but she continued and said he was yours, so you can show you. Finally, I dropped my pants and sextv1 show my tail humiliated. 'I'm sure it could be a little bigger,' said n After an eternity, I said, I can not consent, now in its entirety in both burst out laughing, and to my surprise, she grabbed Carl Hahn and said : ' this is a real mans cock, what do you think should I rejoice tonight? ' No answer I was looking at the ground, well, she said in an authoritative voice that finally replied, 'and why this is well, ' she urged,' because it sextv1 is much bigger than mine, 'he said. Meanwhile, Carl was completely naked and his cock was huge, was built on about 11 cm. My wife posed as the tapour room and told me to wait around and sextv1 not side to touch my own cock. For more than two hours I had to listen to the love in our bed 'ohh my God, is so fucking big ', 'I need this I need a real mans cock,' ' in all sextv1 these years I have had to endure this as little has been called a cock, '' oh, that gives me everything, ' I think I would be disappointed and upset, but the strength of my own erection was overwhelming, just wanted to relieve myself. Finally, all was silent and Carl left the room, with its gleaming now soft cock, which still had some milk dripping from the end. He looked at me ', just drain my balls, so I think you want in' I went into the bedroom and I have done to harden the cock sextv1 even more ( it was probably 41 / 2 inches now, or at least felt like it) that was lying on her back with her legs open and what looked like a big hole in pussy cum ran thick in his ass. looked at me and smiled: 'I know that your penis can not beatisfy me no more, but if you want your egg is empty, I have to end with the words: ' I ​​stood there and looked at her and pussy fuck ' You must hurry, he said, with more emphasis ultimately is not as this is the first time I cleaned up after Carl has screwed me 'suddenly, everything became clear all of these times I was soaked and I thought it was because I wanted my cock. could not suffer the most, and threw myself between her legs and licked from all worth it. at that time Carl, and laughed again. After a lifetime of cleaning everything until you cum shook his head and asked, ' I need your honey wants ' Yes, I said, ' what is the magic word sextv1 'please ohh please let me relieve myself, I'm about to explode. they both laughed and then gave me a condom. ' I know this may be too big for you, but do not come in small sizes,' he laughed. I looked confused, but I was so desperate to finish sextv1 that I hastened to unrolled to sextv1 him and began to masturbate in front of them. It was not long going 4-5, and injected dropwise into it. I lay exhausted, my wife and leaned over me and began to unroll the condom from my cock to take care not to spill when it started was then radically change the condom and put it in my mouth and told me to swallow every drop of I did. That's all your good for now, he said, he 'll clean my pussy each time you run into Carl, and whenever you need to put a condom straw and bring it to me after the spunk. Then I went to a blanket and told Carl alive at night have to sleep on the couch.
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